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Maths in Nursery

Spring Term

This term we have been working on using positional language.  We learnt to use the words, and Makaton signs, for in front, behind, through, under, in and on.  We used these words to describe routes to places in school and to talk about the obstacle courses we made at home and at school.

In Spring 2 we have been learning about patterns and have been exploring patterns in the environment (such as those on animal skins.)  We have enjoyed copying these patterns with paints and pens.

We have also been making our own repeating patterns using a range of resources.

We will also be learning the language we need to compare quantities this term and will be practicing commenting when one group of objects has more than or less than another. 


Painting patterns found on animal skins                                Copying a repeating pattern onto a zebra


Sorting minibeasts by colour


Autumn Term

In maths this term we have been developing our understanding of sorting and patterns.  Children have been sorting natural materials at home and at school.  We have also explore repeating patterns in class.


During our daily maths session we have covered;

- Rote counting beyond 10

- Making finger patterns for numbers to 5

- Automatically recognising 1,2,3 objects in a set without needing to count

- Talking about patterns using everyday language e.g 'spotty' 'zig zags'


During our continuous provision children have been further developing their understanding of shape and space through their use of puzzles and building materials.