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Page of Happiness

Lola, Reception


Lola made some chocolate chip muffins with her dad and this is her family’s vegetable patch, which Lola helps tend to. She planted bean seeds the other day with her dad. This year, they are trying to grow sweetcorn and broccoli. Lola helped plant all the seeds and her family’s broccoli seeds are already coming up!

Caila, Reception


Caila built a vegetable patch with her daddy!


Téo, Reception


Téo’s bean plant that he brought back on the last day of school VS the plant today. What a transformation!

Miss Walters


Miss Walters has been spending her days enjoying long walks and her evenings learning to draw with her family.


Mrs Medhurst


Mrs Medhurst has been doing some redecorating and spring cleaning! These are her beautiful dogs, Rufus and George smiley

Mrs Tooth


Mrs Tooth and her stepson, Charlie, have been out walking and they made their wishes!

Miss Sephton


Miss Sephton has been learning how to knit! This is a picture of her gorgeous dog, Poppy!

Miss Warner


Miss Warner has been learning to cook ‘fakeaways’, which look delicious! She has also been spending time in the garden, enjoying the weather with her partner, Gary, and her dog, Gizmo. Year 6 girls will be happy to know she has also managed to do her nails!

Mrs Cresswell


Mrs Cresswell has been a busy bee! She has been walking and running around Sandwell Valley. Her tortoise, Flash, has been soaking up some sunshine in the garden. If that wasn’t enough, she’s even been making blankets and hats for premature babies. Inspiring!

Ollie, Year 6 & Lawson, Year 2


Ollie and Lawson have been enjoying some Easter chocolate. They’ve also created a great photo for us all to see! Amazing, boys!

As well as all of this, they’ve been learning a great deal with their bearded dragon, Zeek!

Miss Sedgwick


Miss Sedgwick has been baking some delicious treats! These are her scones and Victoria sponge!

Miss Regan


Miss Regan has been busy crafting mouth-watering cheesecake treats! These truly are Easter masterpieces!

Miss Bhachu


Miss Bhachu has been enjoying the sunshine. Her favourite thing to do at the moment is enjoy her breakfast outside with her family! Although, a close second is recording Seesaw videos for Year 4!

Millie, Year 6 & Logan, Year 3


Millie and Logan have been having a great time baking!

Ryan, Year 2 & Daniel, Reception


Ryan and Daniel have been ‘crazy dancing’ according to Mum! Not just that, they’ve also been toasting marshmallows! Well done, boys! Delicious!

Mrs Armstrong


Mrs Armstrong and her daughter, Chloe, have been making pom poms! How creative!

Rhia, Year 5 & Aaron, Year 2


Rhia and Aaron have been enjoying some exercise in the sunshine!


Nancy, Year 3


Nancy painted and decorated some beautiful stones for the teachers at school!

Miss Rowe


Miss Rowe has started a colouring project and has been enjoying walks in the park with her cuddly dogs, Jet and Archie!

Natasha, Year 4


Natasha has been having fun befriending and feeding squirrels and feeding bird seed to the birds. As well as this, Natasha has enjoyed skateboarding and has made some beautiful NHS rainbow posters for her window. Good job, Natasha!


Miss Scott


Miss Scott’s new daughter, Poppy, has been keeping her parents very busy! Good luck, Miss Scott!


Mrs Hughes


Mrs Hughes has been very busy indeed! From enjoying BBQs and becoming undefeated champion of games in an evenings with her family and cat, Whiskers, to finding out she has green fingers! She has started making her own hanging baskets! Bloomin’ lovely!

Ollie, Year 1


Ollie has been baking cakes! Yum!

Sharan, Year 6


Sharan has created a beautifully written note on Seesaw to share with her teachers and class. We couldn’t say it better ourselves.

Karan, Year 6


Karan has written a Thank You note to the NHS and Police officers looking after us. Well put, Karan.

Mrs Withers


Mrs Withers has been busy knitting, while she’s at home. Here are some of her creations!

Grace, Nursery


Grace has been baking cakes and enjoying the great outdoors when she can!

Ambar, Year 1


Ambar has been very busy baking, playing in the garden and enjoying the lovely weather!

Bethany, Year 3 & Sophia, Nursery


Bethany and Sophia have been enjoying some sister-time in the sunshine! They even made beautiful dream catchers!

Tanya, Year 5 & Rohit, Year 2


Tanya and Rohit sent some sweet treats in to share with the children who are at school at the moment. Incredibly kind!