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Y3 Maths

Maths in Year 3


In year 3 we learn lots of new skills in Maths. Here you can find the objectives that the children are working on over the year as well as some problems that they have been working to solve. 

Are you smarter than a 7/8 year old? Can you solve them? 


The visual calculation policy for Maths shows you lots of different methods that the children are learning in Maths and how they are able to use these methods to help them solve problems. 

Here you can find the visual calculation policy for Year 3. 

Problem solving

Have a go at some of these tricky problems and see if you can use the visual calculation methods to help you solve them. This is what Year 3 have been working on so far this term. 

Place value problems

Addition and Subtraction problems

Links to useful Maths pages