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St Mary Magdalene C of E Primary School

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Who's Who

Senior Leadership

Head Teacher

Mrs K Duff


Deputy Head Teacher

Mrs V Tooth

Deputy DSL

English Lead

Geography/ History Lead


Miss S Lewis


Phase Leader KS1


Miss S Sedgwick

Maths Lead


Music Lead

Phase Leader UKS2

Deputy DSL


Mrs S Armstrong

RE and Collective Worship Lead

Languages Lead

Phase Leader LKS2

 Miss S ScottCurrently on maternity leave

Class Teachers and Learning Support



Miss S Lewis

Ms E Carter

Learning Support Practitioner



Miss S Sedgwick 


Mrs S Edwards

Learning Support Practitioner

Year 1

Miss E Walters

Early Reading Lead

Mrs D Hughes 

Learning Support Practitioner

Year 2

Mrs S Armstrong (M/T/W)

Miss Z Hall (W/Th/F)

DT Lead

Mrs J Myatt 

Learning Support Assistant

Year 3

Miss H Gormley

Computing Lead

Miss N Poole 

Learning Support Practitioner/ HLTA

Year 4

Miss J Weaver

PE Lead

Ms B Aggarwal

Learning Support Practitioner

Miss R Regan

Learning support Practitioner (maternity leave)

Year 5

Mrs V Tooth (M/T)

Miss E Rowe (W, Th, F)

RHE Lead

Mrs M Cresswell

Learning support Practitioner

Year 6

Miss S Sephton

Art Lead

Science Lead

Mrs Z Palmer

Learning support Practitioner/ HLTA

PPA support teacher: Mrs J Smith

SEMH/ Wellbeing/ Student Support: Mrs R Foster

Student support: Miss Sogi, Mrs C Smith


Office staff

Mrs L Vale - Office manager/Deputy DSL

Miss S Rackham - Attendance Lead/Office administrator

Mrs T Gagliarde- Clerk to the Governors


Site Staff

Mrs T Howell- Site Manager

Mrs T Hammond

Mrs W Davies


Lunchtime Staff

Miss S Hammond - Principal Lunchtime Staff member

Mrs M Harris

Mrs J Riley

Mrs N Shaikh

Mrs S Patel

Mrs H Sohota


Mrs T Hammond- Dining Hall Manager

Miss L Stinton- Dining Hall Assistant