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The Petrol Crisis

Why are people queuing at petrol stations?

Transport secretary Grant Shapps said oil refineries had "plenty of petrol" and that the government could bring in the army to help drive fuel tankers if needed. However, there is a small percentage of stations that have limited supplies of fuel and others that have had to shut completely due to the current shortage of lorry drivers.


What is being done to increase the numbers of lorry drivers?

  • More examiners will be brought in to increase the number of HGV driving tests.
  • There will be free intensive boot camps to train 3000 people to become HGV drivers, with another 1000 to be trained through courses funded by the adult education budget.
  • The government are writing to nearly one million drivers who hold a HGV licence to encourage them to return to work.
  • The government are allowing more workers from other countries into the UK from October.



Lorry drivers play a key role in so many areas of our lives. They help to transport much of the food we eat, the clothes we wear and the fuel to power our vehicles. Their role is vital to help keep the country moving!


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